A Documentary Keepsake of Family History & Traditions

Commissioned journals of your Family History,
or that of your Ancestors and Forebears.
Coffee-table style books, beautifully bound and designed to your taste.
Personal interviews with confidentiality assured.
Research and archival work carried out if necessary. Friendly service and advice.
Old documents digitally enhanced & old faded photographs restored.
Includes optional DVD of personal address to your loved ones
recorded on high definition video.
A treasured gift for family members & loved ones at Christmas,
Golden Wedding Anniversary, etc.

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A family record is more than just names, dates & places.

It is about people – what they did, how, and why.
This is your opportunity to record forever, in one volume, the history of your family, or ancestors.

From the birth of a great, great grandparent to the birth of the newest baby in your family, this is a wonderful opportunity to gather together in one place all the interesting and unusual aspects of your family’s history.

When complete, it will be a storehouse of treasured information, achievements and memories – a permanent record of your family which is unique and unlike any other.

Our latest venture, the Keepsake Family History TM books, are compiled with the greatest care and insight into the value of leaving a record of your life for your children and loved ones to enjoy and hand down to future generations.

How often have you heard someone say that they wish they had listened to and remembered the stories their parents recounted about events in their lives?
Or wish they had asked more questions while their loved ones were still alive?
Don’t wait until it is too late!

Keepsake Journals TM can accomplish this for you.
With your photos, letters and other souvenirs, we can create a beautifully bound,
coffee-table book of your life, your parents’, or your ancestors’ lives.

As a wonderful souvenir, these books may be presented to family members at events such as Golden Weddings, marriages, landmark birthdays, or Christmas.

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Books professionally bound at
"The Art of Bookbinding" in Berrima.

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